Letters that make military

a, l, m, r, t, i, y are letters that make 'military'

Words within military

IT, mi, MI, mil, ar, tar, lit, il, li, AR, IL, Ar, Li, Ta are words within 'military'

Anagrams of military

limitary is an anagram of 'military'

4 possible definitions for 'military'

Military as "of or relating to the study of the principles of warfare"

Under this definition, military is an adjective and has the following properties:

Pertain to military

military science pertains to 'military'.

Example of military used within this context

"military law"

Military as "the military forces of a nation"

Under this definition, military is a noun and has the following properties:


armed forces, armed services, military machine, war machine have the same meaning as 'military'

military as a type

'military' can be a type of force, personnel.

Types of military

military reserve, reserve are types of 'military'.

Members of military

cadre, medical officer, medic are members of 'military'.

military as a category

adjutant, nuclear deterrence, air base, air station, APC, armored car, armoured car, armored personnel carrier, armoured personnel carrier, armory, armoury, arsenal, assault gun, assault rifle, attack submarine, B-52, stripe, base of operations, bomber, boot camp, accoutered, caisson, camp, cantonment, bivouac, command post, GHQ, commissary, dressing station, aid station, dress uniform, fatigues, fighter, fighter aircraft, full-dress uniform, garrison, gas shell, guardhouse, gun room, hardware, HQ, military headquarters, hospital train, field hut, hutment, latrine, materiel, equipage, mess, mess hall, military hospital, military installation, military quarters, military uniform, military vehicle, minute gun, naval installation, shore station, navy yard, naval shipyard, olive drab, olive-drab uniform, outpost, personnel carrier, weapons platform, reconnaissance plane, scout car, regimentals, rocket base, silo, sniper rifle, striker, army tank, armored combat vehicle, armoured combat vehicle, transport ship, troop carrier, troop transport, military plane, warship, war vessel, combat ship, WMD, W.M.D., weapons carrier, strength, sea power, Joint Chiefs, army, task force, army unit, regular army, ground forces, naval unit, naval forces, coastguard, Marines, armed service, military force, military group, military reserve, military police, MP, shore patrol, naval academy, air force academy, drumhead court-martial, military court, provost court, DIA, troops, artillery unit, cavalry, horse cavalry, mechanized cavalry, infantry, paratroops, militia, territorial reserve, National Guard, home reserve, standing army, United States Army, U. S. Army, Army, USA, United States Army Rangers, United States Military Academy, US Military Academy, Army National Guard, ARNG, soldiery, rank and file, commando, general staff, headquarters staff, high command, open order, close order, firing squad, firing party, military formation, sick parade, chow line, martial law, minefield, field of operations, theater of operations, theatre, theatre of operations, troop movement, line of battle, battle line, military position, staging area, combat zone, combat area, war zone, drop zone, dropping zone, umbrella, West Point, manual, maneuver, manoeuvre, resistance, operation, battle, defense, defence, sortie, mission, assault, sally, blitz, occupation, draft, logistic support, aide, aide-de-camp, air attache, commander, commander, army attache, army engineer, military engineer, army officer, brass hat, cadet, captain, captain, skipper, chief of staff, chief petty officer, colonel, color bearer, standard-bearer, combat pilot, commandant, ranger, commissioned officer, commissioned naval officer, commodore, defense contractor, defector, desk officer, draftee, conscript, inductee, drill master, drill instructor, foe, foeman, executive officer, field marshal, field-grade officer, field officer, FO, fighter pilot, flag officer, flanker, full general, judge advocate, judge advocate, judge advocate general, lieutenant colonel, light colonel, lieutenant commander, lieutenant JG, equipment casualty, battle damage, combat casualty, operational damage, operational casualty, casualty, combat injury, personnel casualty, major-general, Marine, devil dog, leatherneck, shipboard soldier, marine engineer, marshal, marshall, midshipman, military advisor, military chaplain, padre, Holy Joe, sky pilot, military leader, officer, military policeman, naval commander, naval officer, Navy SEAL, SEAL, noncommissioned officer, noncom, enlisted officer, provost marshal, reservist, sapper, sapper, serviceman, military man, slacker, shirker, sprog, spy, undercover agent, staff officer, deserter, volunteer, military volunteer, warrant officer, armament, barrack, fire control radar, fort, half track, hut, army hut, post, picket, platform, quartering, smoke screen, tank, warplane, attention, posture, military strength, firepower, compassionate leave, military personnel, tactics, strategy, voluntary, commission, salute, retreat, retreat, reveille, drumbeat, accoutred, order, call up, stripe, chevron, wound, loss, damage, injury, unauthorized absence, amphibious landing, war game, militainment, fatigue duty, close-order drill, military action, battle dress, general headquarters, field hospital, attack aircraft, fire control system, military post, reconnaissance vehicle, precision rifle, trip wire, wardroom, weapon of mass destruction, military capability, military posture, military commission, muster roll, command, navy, air unit, air force, airforce, service, force, military service, armor, armour, Pentagon, reserve, company, warning of war, wing, echelon, phalanx, Joint Chiefs of Staff, spearhead, court-martial, military unit, military academy, Defense Intelligence Agency, reserves, US Army, Army Intelligence, supreme headquarters, extended order, air power, military law, artillery, musketry, military personnel, home guard, horse, garrison, cavalry, horse cavalry, contingent, headquarters, detail, column, sick call, aviation, muster, wing, rear, flank, theater, plebe, commanding officer, commissioned military officer, general officer, sector, inspector general, lieutenant general, lieutenant junior grade, naval engineer, military adviser, military officer, naval attache, foreign aid, military issue, bandsman, casualty, commando, lieutenant, MP, peacekeeper, Section Eight, man, subaltern, territorial, weekend warrior, issue, rating, lights-out, wake-up signal, pass, field day, mess, break, canton, billet, quarter, unarmed, operational, gun, flyover, conflict, headquarters, redoubt, smokescreen, tattoo, rearguard, platoon, militia, friendly, foot, center, head, field, line, ensign, enemy, lieutenant, occupier, government issue, readiness, detach, military campaign, rank, active, activated, inactive, effective, hostile, psychological operation, battery, armed, armored, armoured, unarmored, unarmoured, military ceremony, military ceremony, position, general, regular, salient, opposition, combat, support, attack, war, base, major, expeditionary, combat-ready, fighting(a), nonoperational, territorial, peacekeeping, action, retreat, absence without leave, pullback, standdown, stand-down, disengagement, fallback, pullout, pass, deactivation, inactivation, preparation, countermarch, fly-by, flypast, sortie, expedition, campaign, fight, demonstration, national service, billet, generalship, fatigue, air cover, military censorship, AI, logistic assessment, drill, manual of arms, military training, basic training, military drill, square-bashing, engagement, blockade, encirclement, defensive measure, electronic warfare, EW, military operation, combined operation, police action, simulated military operation, armed combat, military expedition, hostile expedition, military mission, reinforcement, reenforcement, onslaught, onset, onrush, warfare, blitzkrieg, infiltration, peacekeeping mission, peacekeeping operation, amphibious operation, psyop, muster call, emplacement, encampment, siege, besieging, beleaguering, military blockade, countermine, military control, conscription, muster, selective service, court-martial, logistic assistance, inter-service support, military science, military greeting, military intelligence, liberty chit, taps, insignia of rank, briefing, strategic warning, tactical warning, warning of attack, stripes, grade insignia, collateral damage, preparedness, military rank, military rating, paygrade, flag rank, spit and polish are categories of 'military'.

Derivatives of military

militaristic, militarize, militarise are derivatives of 'military'.

Example of military used within this context

"their military is the largest in the region", "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"

Military as "characteristic of or associated with soldiers or the military"

Under this definition, military is an adjective and has the following properties:


unmilitary, nonmilitary have the opposite meaning of 'military'

Similar to military

martial, warlike, militaristic, soldierly, soldierlike, warriorlike, martial are similar to 'military'.

Example of military used within this context

"military uniforms"

Military as "associated with or performed by members of the armed services as contrasted with civilians"

Under this definition, military is an adjective and has the following properties:


civilian has the opposite meaning of military

Similar to military

expeditionary, martial(a), combatant, noncombatant are similar to 'military'.

Example of military used within this context

"military police"

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