full-dress uniform

Letters that make full-dress uniform

s, o, d, e, f, l, n, m, r, i, u are letters that make 'full-dress uniform'

Words within full-dress uniform

dress uniform, OR, RES, re, Ful, UN, FO, Ull, SS, full, full-dress, uniform, dress, form, Re, Es, Ni are words within 'full-dress uniform'

1 possible definitions for 'full-dress uniform'

Full Dress Uniform as "the naval or military uniform that is specified by regulations to be worn on ceremonial occasions"

Under this definition, full-dress uniform is a noun and has the following properties:

full-dress uniform as a type

'full-dress uniform' can be a type of military uniform.

full-dress uniform as a category

'full-dress uniform' can be a category of armed services, military machine, war machine, armed forces, military.

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