military vehicle

Letters that make military vehicle

a, e, l, c, h, m, r, t, i, v, y are letters that make 'military vehicle'

Words within military vehicle

vehicle, IT, hi, mi, IC, MI, mil, ar, cl, tar, lit, military, il, li, ic, AR, HI, IL, LE, Ar, Cl, Li, Ta are words within 'military vehicle'

1 possible definitions for 'military vehicle'

Military Vehicle as "vehicle used by the armed forces"

Under this definition, military vehicle is a noun and has the following properties:

military vehicle as a type

'military vehicle' can be a type of vehicle.

Types of military vehicle

caisson, Humvee, Hum-Vee, personnel carrier, scout car, army tank, armored combat vehicle, armoured combat vehicle, troop carrier, troop transport, military plane, warship, war vessel, combat ship, weapons carrier, half track, picket, tank, technical, warplane, reconnaissance vehicle are types of 'military vehicle'.

military vehicle as a category

'military vehicle' can be a category of armed services, military machine, war machine, armed forces, military.

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