Letters that make aide-de-camp

a, d, e, p, c, m, i are letters that make 'aide-de-camp'

Words within aide-de-camp

id, AM, MP, aide, amp, aid, AI, ai, cam, camp, CA, DE, ID, Cam, Am, Ca, AMP are words within 'aide-de-camp'

1 possible definitions for 'aide-de-camp'

Aide De Camp as "an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer"

Under this definition, aide-de-camp is a noun and has the following properties:


adjutant, aide have the same meaning as 'aide-de-camp'

aide-de-camp as a type

'aide-de-camp' can be a type of military officer, officer.

Types of aide-de-camp

adjutant general is a type of aide-de-camp.

aide-de-camp as a category

'aide-de-camp' can be a category of armed services, military machine, war machine, armed forces, military.

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