alcoholic drink

Letters that make alcoholic drink

a, o, d, k, l, n, c, h, r, i are letters that make 'alcoholic drink'

Words within alcoholic drink

rink, ink, IC, OH, RI, alcohol, alcoholic, li, ic, in, drink, coho, AL, CO, IN, Al, Co, Ho, In, Li are words within 'alcoholic drink'

1 possible definitions for 'alcoholic drink'

Alcoholic Drink as "a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent"

Under this definition, alcoholic drink is a noun and has the following properties:


alcohol, alcoholic beverage, intoxicant, inebriant have the same meaning as 'alcoholic drink'

alcoholic drink as a type

'alcoholic drink' can be a type of drug of abuse, street drug, beverage, drink, drinkable, potable.

Types of alcoholic drink

proof spirit, homebrew, hooch, hootch, kava, kavakava, aperitif, brew, rice beer, nipa, vino, spirits, hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, strong drink, ethyl alcohol, pulque, liqueur, mixed drink, hard cider, rotgut, kumis, saki, wine, sake, liquor, home brew, brewage, neutral spirits, perry, koumiss, booze, slug, cordial are types of 'alcoholic drink'.

Derivatives of alcoholic drink

intoxicate, alcoholize, inebriate, alcoholise, soak, alcoholic are derivatives of 'alcoholic drink'.

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