hard cider

Letters that make hard cider

a, d, e, c, h, r, i are letters that make 'hard cider'

Words within hard cider

ER, id, cider, CID, ar, Ci, HA, hard, ci, AR, DE, ID, Ar, Er are words within 'hard cider'

1 possible definitions for 'hard cider'

Hard Cider as "alcoholic drink from fermented cider, `cider' and `cyder' are European (especially British) usages for the fermented beverage"

Under this definition, hard cider is a noun and has the following properties:

hard cider as a type

'hard cider' can be a type of alcoholic drink, alcoholic beverage, inebriant, cider, cyder, intoxicant, alcohol.

Substances of hard cider

applejack is a substance of hard cider.

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