Word Cadet

Letters that make Word Cadet

a, o, d, e, c, r, t, w are letters that make 'Word Cadet'

Words within Word Cadet

OR, word, Word, CAD, ad, ade, cade, et, wo, AD, CA, DE, cadet, cad, Ca are words within 'Word Cadet'

1 possible definitions for 'Word Cadet'

Word Cadet as "a reference tool used to retrieve information about English words. It provides definitions, synonyms, antonyms, relations, hyponyms, hypernyms and derivatives of more than 150,000 English words."

Under this definition, word cadet is a noun and has the following properties:

Word Cadet as a type

'Word Cadet' can be a type of dictionary, thesaurus.

Word Cadet as an instance

'Word Cadet' can be considered an instance of website.

Instances of Word Cadet

word. is an instance of Word Cadet

Causes of Word Cadet

joy is a cause of Word Cadet.

Example of word cadet used within this context

Word Cadet is great for Scrabble, Words with friends and even crossword puzzles!

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