Vitis vinifera

Letters that make Vitis vinifera

s, a, e, f, n, r, t, i, v are letters that make 'Vitis vinifera'

Words within Vitis vinifera

ER, IT, ti, ERA, Vitis, vinifera, vi, in, RA, VI, IN, Ra, Er, In, Fe, Ni, Ti, era are words within 'Vitis vinifera'

1 possible definitions for 'Vitis vinifera'

Vitis Vinifera as "common European grape cultivated in many varieties, chief source of Old World wine and table grapes"

Under this definition, vitis vinifera is a noun and has the following properties:


vinifera, vinifera grape, common grape vine have the same meaning as 'Vitis vinifera'

Vitis vinifera as a type

'Vitis vinifera' can be a type of grape, grapevine, grape vine.

Types of Vitis vinifera

Muscadet, Pinot, Chardonnay, muscat, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon grape, Cabernet Sauvignon grape, Zinfandel, chardonnay grape, Pinot grape, malvasia, muskat, Verdicchio are types of 'Vitis vinifera'.

Vitis vinifera as a member

'Vitis vinifera' can be a member of Vitis, genus Vitis.

Parts of Vitis vinifera

vinifera grape is a part of Vitis vinifera.

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