soluble RNA

Letters that make soluble RNA

s, a, o, b, e, l, n, r, u are letters that make 'soluble RNA'

Words within soluble RNA

sol, RN, soluble, so, Sol, LE, Lu, Rn, Na, RNA are words within 'soluble RNA'

1 possible definitions for 'soluble RNA'

Soluble Rna as "RNA molecules present in the cell (in at least 20 varieties, each variety capable of combining with a specific amino acid) that attach the correct amino acid to the protein chain that is being synthesized at the ribosome of the cell (according to directions coded in the mRNA)"

Under this definition, soluble rna is a noun and has the following properties:


transfer RNA, tRNA, acceptor RNA have the same meaning as 'soluble RNA'

soluble RNA as a type

'soluble RNA' can be a type of ribonucleic acid, RNA.

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