Letters that make simpleton

s, o, e, l, n, p, m, t, i are letters that make 'simpleton'

Words within simpleton

si, MP, LET, ton, SI, simple, on, let, imp, Leto, LE, Si are words within 'simpleton'

1 possible definitions for 'simpleton'

Simpleton as "a person lacking intelligence or common sense"

Under this definition, simpleton is a noun and has the following properties:


simple has the same meaning as simpleton

simpleton as a type

'simpleton' can be a type of mortal, individual, someone, person, somebody, soul.

Types of simpleton

airhead, dimwit, nitwit, half-wit, doofus, saphead, muggins, tomfool, idiot, cretin, moron, retard, nebbish, nebbech, nincompoop, ninny, scatterbrain, forgetful person, schlemiel, shlemiel, schlepper, shlepper, schnook, space cadet, stupid person, stupe, dullard, dolt, pudding head, poor fish, pillock, twerp, twirp, shnook, dingbat, idiot savant, booby, dumbbell, pinhead, dope, boob, sap, fool, imbecile, changeling, half-wit, poop, schlep, sheep, lame, stupid, twit, square, dummy, subnormal, shlep, pudden-head are types of 'simpleton'.

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