Letters that make id

d, i are letters that make 'id'

Words within id

are words within 'id'

Words created by adding a letter to the beginning or end of id

lid, Ido, CID, IDA, IDF, Kid, IDP, rid, PID, eide, gid, hid, ids, mid, did, fid, aid, bid, kid, yid, SIDS are words created by adding a letter to 'id'

1 possible definitions for 'id'

Id as "(psychoanalysis) primitive instincts and energies underlying all psychic activity"

Under this definition, id is a noun and has the following properties:

id as a type

'id' can be a type of instinct, inherent aptitude.

id as a part

'id' can be a part of unconscious mind, unconscious.

id as a category

'id' can be a category of psychoanalysis, analysis, depth psychology.

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