Letters that make dictionary

a, o, d, n, c, r, t, i, y are letters that make 'dictionary'

Words within dictionary

ti, diction, IC, ar, on, ic, CT, AR, Io, ion, Ar, Na, Ti are words within 'dictionary'

Anagrams of dictionary

indicatory is an anagram of 'dictionary'

1 possible definitions for 'dictionary'

Dictionary as "a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them"

Under this definition, dictionary is a noun and has the following properties:


lexicon has the same meaning as dictionary

dictionary as a type

'dictionary' can be a type of wordbook.

Types of dictionary

desk dictionary, etymological dictionary, gazetteer, learner's dictionary, little dictionary, spell-checker, unabridged dictionary, bilingual dictionary, collegiate dictionary, school dictionary, pocket dictionary, spelling checker, unabridged are types of 'dictionary'.

Parts of dictionary

lexical entry, dictionary entry are parts of 'dictionary'.

Derivatives of dictionary

lexical is a derivative of dictionary.

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